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You know what I am asking for what I have been praying in my heart and what I have delt with and found out in the last couple of days, hours, and months and years with RM. I THANK YOU JESUS FOR THIS WONDERFUL was a steping stone Jesus and I am asking you to please finish restoring us as one God. I ask you Jesus, to please have your hand to bless us and unite us, and allow him not to destroy or cause any more destruction. My heart is with you Lord and I beg you to please work in his heart, I saw it this weekend but I would like Jesus to please take away any resentment any influences that RM may still have and have him Jesus to come back home. Have him see me as his all and his o ther half as his partner lover friend and wife. He is my husband Jesus and you are the third knot tying us together lord. Please work in his life and allow him to see what I have been trying to reach out to him for all of these years and give him. Take away and guide him from the influences around him. From those so called friends that take away from his greatness and from him being the man he is. Allow Jesus for them to occupy themselves on other things and have their focus to be elsewhere. Jesus I am not being selfish but they are not following your path they do not respect ur ways and others. Their ego pride and personalities are not good influences. And they affect him in acting wrong bc of him trying to fit in and just have fun and be part of the in crowd. Jesus I pray that you please restore this house, restore these hearts, restore this love restore us as one body heart and love for you and one another. In your holy name- I pray that you protect- send your angels God to guard that door. I pray and I thank you for allowing me to find myself and be myself once again. THANK YOU...for this weekend, thank you for having him come to me, and find home this weekend and for me to be in his life, I know your working Jesus please open up his heart his eyes and see what he is doing and have him act Jesus. I know your hand is working and I see it so please God and have him find LOVE in me and in YOU! Have him fall in love with me again. But this time for ever. Have him committ not just to me but to you. I thank you for the peace you have given me and for filling my heart with your love and allowing me to see Jesus that you exist you have placed me on a rock and you have given me everything I have needed and allowed me to see that you exist. Thank you Jesus! Thank you very much! I pray that RM sees everything God and allow him to please break away from the shadows that are binding him down and allow him to be the man I knw is in him. Make us be one-mold us together in love and be your children to bring and follow your word and praise to tell others you exist. Have him be my husband the one that would have the house clean when I got home, the one that would care about me and love me for my actions and the one that I know as a man appriciates the love I give and RM to love me 100 times more back in return and value me as his all as his number one- the irresplaceable number one! I love you Jesus! Allow my husband come back home! Allow my husband to grow! Allow my husband to be with me and have a wonderful future, good or bad by eachothers side never leaving one another behind! Jesus I love you and I love him! Nothing is impossible in your name God! I pray! RESTORE US! UNITE US! CURE US! MEND US IN LOVE! I MISS HIM! I LOVE HIM! I WANT TO SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE WITH HIM! TILL YOU ASK TO PART! HAVE US VOW OUR LOVE TO ONE ANOTHER IN MARRIAGE AS ONE AND BE HAPPY AND LOVE YOU JESUS!!!


by my heart n ur hands

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