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Lord I pray that you will give me mur as I am still suffering in agony of the lost of my ex ..She broke up with me a year ago and hurt me alot. Although I do not love her,I was with her due to my sympathy of her being an orphan.I help her by strengtherning her faith and was there to help her as instructed by high above.But she broke GOD AND MY TRUST by turning to the devil.She was somehow brainwash by the catholic church!!I could not believe tat in a catholic church there are people who are the servants of the church, those young people learning from the probe or the next probe I could say.They corrupt her mind by introducing smoke,drugs,sex,sinful acts.I told her that I was sent to help her,and I warn her but she still fall into their traps
I am a member of christ and I am real shock by the catholic minorities whoam are the leading examples.When she left me with those future probe!! I bellowed "God bless them" still I break down and cry on the floor.I recently heard alot reports of a probe committing unseen acts in the church..As a servant of christ,I have been praying to high above but I always got the same answer.All of us fall short from God gory,dont be bias against catholic,but I will always give them another chance as I did to you ,but one day you will witness the wrath of God fall on them.I then heard a voice which say,till this day,do not criticised those filthy people for they will be judged! Dear friends,I would like to give all of you a warning,do not judge others as God have giving us a chance..and his blood washed away all our sins. But one day those people will be judged but till that day lets pray tat they share repent.

by st lionel

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