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I pray that you continue to watch, blessed, protect and restore my relationship with Gilbert. I pray he doesn't delete me from his MySpace page, MySpace IM or yahoo. Please don't let him block or ignore me either during his deployment the internet is our only way of communication that and phone but he hadn't called Please let him call me soon. I pray you restore trust and communication between us remind us both everyday of the love we share. Please restore our relationship take away whatever fears Or doubts That he may have. Please let us try again and make things work. Remind him we were planning to get married. You know my hearts desire to marry him Please answer my prayer I beg you. Thank you for all your blessings thank you because he added me back and has contacted me Please let him contact me again and this time let it be a positive reassuring conversation. Helps us rebuilt and fully restore our relationship bless us once again I wish he'd apologize for the message in may but he doesn't have to I forgive him always. Please keep him safe in Afghanistan bring him home safe and sound to me and his family. Bless both our families thank you because my dad worked all week Please let him get paid. Please bless him with work for next week take this impulse buying/spending away from Me thank you for my creativity in graphic design help me back money. Please be with my sister help my parents be supportive and understanding Thank you for fixing my webcam please let me be able to chat with Gilbert on camera like we used to. I pray for everyone who needs you everywhere may you hear and bless them Ana and juan Enid and john desiree and keola Jackie and Isabella heather my too nacho ma cuca TIA Josefina everyone and everyone who needs you forgive us for our find Thank you for all the blessings virgin Mary virgin of talpa and St Anthony thank you for ministering in my behalf and Please continue to do so. In Jesus holy name I pray amen

by praying for a second chance

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