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How do u get closer to god when youve been close and are departing but are trying agian? To get close agian?? Hmph

by alex

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That's what I've been struggling with too. The big things I think are to pray often, study the Bible daily, and attend a solid, biblical church. Praying for you. :)

Bri ([email hidden from spammers]) | on Jul 10, 2010

Romans 12...

Anonymous | on Jul 10, 2010

Only your mind has seperated you. He's never left you, and you can't leave him. He created you, he is in your soul. The way back child in prayer. When you pray, go and be silent, close the door and let know one hear you. In these 1 on 1 times, bliss and love are showering down like rain in the heart. Let him in, you are knocing now. Go be still and know he is God. One love

nila tx, witness | on Jul 11, 2010

He will never leave you, He is right there. Call out to Him, reach out to Him. He is standing with His arms our for you.

Standing | on Jul 11, 2010

Thankkkkksss sooooooo much!!!!!

alex | on Jul 11, 2010

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