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Im writing for help in prayer. I am in the process of trying to survive the effects of my serial cheating fiance of 3 years. I cancelled my wedding yesterday when I found out thru his emails, voicemail and text, that he has 3 ongoing serious relationships, attend private sex parties, and involve in homosexual activities from time to time. He put me out of the apartment when I told him what I discovered, he says I'm wrong for hacking into his private things. He's a truck driver and does these things in various states. He keep disappearing or not answering his phone for a couple of days at a time when out on the road, and would hide his laptop and cell phone when at home. He always had a cover lie and I was just wanting the truth. Am I wrong for going thru his things? Help me pray thru this please. This pain is horrific!

by Vikki

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You are not wrong. You are absolutly right. God is helping you find out who he really is. All the luck. God bless you now and always.

your daughter | on Jul 06, 2010

Don't get involved with someone that is unequally yoked!! Run!

ipray | on Jul 06, 2010

Every thing happens for a reason about a year ago I experience some of the same things just continue to pray and keep your faith and watch how God moves in your blessed

God\'s Messenger | on Jul 06, 2010

God gave us women a intuition for a reason always trust ur gut I all to well know the whole truck driver job too well my hubby started driving. Four yrs ago n its been a battle they can do a lot behind r backs n we never know hubby cheated three yrs ago n I thought we got over it n I found out two mos ago I have Herpies its new n I've been faithful he confessed to taking a women out yo eat n her kissing him on mouth but I dont by it I got five kids n back to square one u Had a right to go through his stuff or us brought babies n to the relationship got an STD best to stay away frm those who have jobs where They r gone a lot u did the right thing

stephanie,ky | on Jul 06, 2010

Run run run. Yhu don't want to end up with any stds .. ur not married so ur not tied! N yhu don't want to marry someone who has that type of history. Even if he stopped goin to sex parties and stopped homosexual activity that won't change its on his flesh. JUST RUN. THERE IS DESENT MEN OUT FOR YHU.

BONDiN W JESUS. | on Jul 06, 2010

THoney I've been there after I caught my now ex w sm1 else I left then after that I found out about 23 other girls including a 16 n 17 yr old girl it will never end leave asap I was and still emotionally numb pain goes away w god may teke some time but think about all the pain he put u through u deserve 2 b happy let our lord heal n guide u read proverbs 13:12 , psalms 25:15-16 and psalms 34:18 I shall pray 4 u

elina | on Jul 06, 2010

Thanks to all of you for your words of wisdom and God's guidance. This is hard, he's now calling me infront of the other women, just so that he can belittle me so that they can hear it. He's a monster, and will have to answer to God for what's he's done to me.

Vikki | on Jul 06, 2010

God loves you....that is why he showed you that this man is not the one for you....The LORD has a plan for your life and he is not allowing satan to destroy his plans for your life....jus thank him for his love and mercy...God will not allow anyone or anything to make a mockery out of those he love!...BE BLESSED :-)

God\'s Princess | on Jul 07, 2010

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