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Lord please make a way for me to c my 3 kids that my sister adopted lord my 2 boys dont really know me but my daughter mariah does she comes with me every summer but this summer is giveing me a hard time lord shes just an evil person she just has my kids because she gets money for haveing them lord she didint even want her 6 kids she trew 3 out in the streets at there teenage years the other 3 she gave to there father she is my half sister ive always had problems with her when cps came into our lives after my huband died of cancer in 98 3 years later my children were removed she promised if i got clean she would give me back my kids so i sighned my kids over to her and she ended adopting them lord i need youre help to b see my kids prayer warriors please help me thank u

by arellano

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Dear God
Please lead this child of yours in Your direction Lord. I pray that you fill her with the Holy Spirit.
Give this person clarity and truth. In Jesus name, I lift you up to God in Heaven so you can be comforted from your losses.
Remember Easy does it.
Be gentle with yourself and know that everything is a process. Find yourself again by remaining very quiet inside. Then listen and talk to God for three days alone without interferance.
Lord God, hear Miss A, prayer and see her and be in her.
If you follow God in obedience things will turn slowly around. Be still and listen to the Lord.
The Lord God and Jesus are our Rock. They give life.
Drugs/ alcohol give death to family; it breaks and destroys families.
You can find a path back to your children by making a new commitment in your heart to yourself, to God, and your children. What is your new commitment Miss A.?
Drugs/ alcohol?
Healthy food/ water and a return to innocence your children.
You can worship only one God; not two.
I lift you up in prayer to Jesus for your freedom and liberation from the chains of addiction
Lord hear my prayer.
God please give A a new bright future and a new outlook. Amen
God is your Captain of the Ship, not you. Quiet down, and listen to Him! No disrespect intended A.

Anonymous | on Jul 06, 2010

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