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Lord I pray for restoration in my marriage. My heart ache and I just want us to be happy together. We don't talk much. We use to have fun together, laugh, and just enjoy being with one another. I believe these turn in events is because we were getting pulled further away from you and you want us to come back close to you. But God I know I'm probably closer to you now than ever before, why am I still hurting? Why doesn't it seem like our marriage will work? I will continue to pray and seek you but LOrd is it ok if I ask for it to be more speedy. Lord I miss my husband. I miss him wanting me and desiring me. I'm his wife but yet I feel like his roommate that he's not even friends with. Lord please help me understand why he feel the way he do. I don't understand where I went wrong. Lord please make things better. In Jesus name amen

by Eagerly Learning

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God is faithful and he will never forsake you! Stay strong sister. God is there for you and we love you. (fellow sister) Nothing god does is a mistake. He has perfect hard as that is to believe. Praying for strength, cling to god in times like these.

WillWorshipForever! | on Jul 05, 2010

I have never felt so unloved before the way I do now. and I know his timing is the right timing but why does it has to take so long, why am I still hurting. I just want him to take the pain and sadness away

Eagerly Learning | on Jul 05, 2010

SIS, i don't have a clear answer for yours to why god's waiting but i do know that you have already won this battle b/c Jesus has concourd death you can beat this through Christ who strengthens you. LOVE...dear is your greatest weapon! Love your husband as god loves you. Yes easier said then done I'm sure. Put on your armor and FIGHT. God is your general and Jesus is right along side of you. Do this find out what it is that Jesus does to win the heart of men. Dive into the word and if you trust it to be true then it will set you free. God has already given you everything you need to get through this. You've already prayed for your hearts whynot pray for how to move forward. What's next? Be ok with him telling you to just be still and know he is god...

WillWorshipForever! | on Jul 06, 2010

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