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Is it wrong to make a deal with god?

by alex

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God is not like man we cant make deals with him

Anonymous | on Jul 05, 2010

Alex God bless u, i dont know maybe im wrong, but i guess yes u can ,He is our loving father and understand perfectly what u want ,u need , and u mean ,He knows everything, and He loves when His kids talk to Him and make deals and pray and promese something ,even do He knows some times we dont do what we said we will do , but He never change ,He loves u alex, do it ,go ahead he likes that cuz He knows that u know that u need Him try and u will see how He listen to u alex because HisLove for u. Amen


Thank u so much, and noy like a bet i wud never bet god whooh no , like a personal deal i think now its not bad because as u said he knows me and knows how im meaning it when i say deal, so many different understandings igs crazy he knows i love him and if god is our "father" i want to really act like his child" if u get what i mean :)

Agian thank you so much- both

alex | on Jul 05, 2010

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