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Lord I don't why I feel the way I do.
I know we get to choose how we want to feel, but sometimes I feel like I can't control my emotions no matter how hard I try to ignore.
Why is it do difficult for me to accept that me and my last relationship ended in bad terms. I have tried to make peace. Please help me accept that it is what it is and I need to close this door already.

by Anonymous

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Hey there, I think it's great that you have acknowleged that you need God. If you are struggling to put this all behind you it's because you still have unprocessed emotions, feelings and thoughts. Yes, we can all aim to determine how we feel, but God also knows that emotions and feelings are powerful and if you can't let it go yet, it's because you are still hurt. Your still hurt. You know, you can't give something away unless you have owned it first. Ignorning your emotions will likely only make them bigger or eat away at you. You need to sit down with God, your Father and best friend, and tell Him that it's hurt you. And that it's still hurting you and that no matter how hard you try, you jet can't figure it out and let it go. God knows that your small and life is really big. He wants to help you. He really just wants to help you and love you through this. In the bible it says to worship Him in spirit and in truth. Telling God the truth and being simply real is true worship. You can ask Him to help you process unresolved emotions. The left behind hurt. He longs for you to tell Him all about it so you can both reason together and He can help you through this. God never asked that you be perfect...only that you be real and what is real is that you are hurt over this. Ignoring it makes it bigger. I'm not saying let it rule your life or mind at all...simply that you invite God in to where it's really hurt. He can heal you and you can finally let this go and be at peace, in Him.

Anonymous | on Jul 05, 2010

Thanks Anonymous. Your words have given me much needed guidance.

Deb | on Jul 05, 2010

Thank you so much!! You have no idea how much this has helped me..thank you again God Bless!!

Anonymous | on Jul 05, 2010

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