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Dear Lord, I pray for protection over my friends and family from all harm and evil. Thank you for always being there when I need you most, I love you so much and come to you as a sinner in hopes you may help me and my family in hard times. I know i can be horrible at times and I am very sorry and ask that you can forgive me in these times. Lord I thank you for creating me and putting me here on this earth with everyone who cares about me. Lord, help me to follow you and the path you've given me to stay on. I know that sometimes I get lost, and I thank you for always bringing back to where I am supposed to be. I love you always and can't wait to see you in heaven Lord, I want you to be at the end of my path of life and praythat I can see you from here on. Help me to break sinful habits that I have, I am sorry and hope to do my best to stop, but I can't without you. Thank you for loving me always even when I am alone and depressed. I pray that you can help my family in the way I have asked you to help me. Aslo, I hope that my sister and her boyfriend are right for each other and that their relationship is well. bless the homes of my friends and family and everyone I have any relation to at all so that they can live happy lives under you and your word. I ask this and pray in your sons most holy name, Jesus Christ, Amen.

by yours

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There is no reason to be depressed, it's only a attack from the evil one because he knows u can make a change. The joy ifthe lord is my strenghth and u willnot hav a end path of life for those who accept Jesus do not perish but have eternal life! God bless u and may u live long and prosper.

A | on Jul 04, 2010

When I'm sad I feel an emptyness untill I remember that god is there for me

yours | on Jul 05, 2010

Rebuke the devil. Remember Hod isn't just there for u, he is there in u! Once u accept Jesus he dnt only liv in u but u lie in him. He loves u. B happy. R u not going to heaven? Yes u r. U will fly and live with Jesus he will bless. U will hav no worries. U can do anything. Imagine heaven although we cnt comprehend it... Imagine it and keep it in ur heart God bless u. Amen

nothing withoutGodnuthinbutasinnerwithouthim | on Jul 05, 2010

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