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In Jesus name..cannot describe how I'm feeling...feels so sad,alone,and just feel like ending my life...just I don't have strong support system,after told my family I got rape,I did this so I can build up confidence, but same effects. I know people and friends are out there care and love me. I just really feel I want to end my life,no one have to know. It's how I really feel,just want to end this turmoil of struggling of hanging in there. My heart is too strong,but how much more saddness in me? Its unbearable. .. I just don't have the support I need. ..Lately it's been wanting to end my life in silent. I'm not trying to be selfish as I'm being honest and pray for inner sense of peace and content for more ongoing. ..I'm tired of this roller coaster, this great saddness in me is indescribable...I made it this far,I don't do alcohol or do drugs anymore, even the knowing of temptation to do so will do me no good...its like nothing feels better..but an escape to end my life in silent. ..I pray and thank you everyday, I really do...Amen

by Warrior of Light

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Sometimes we need a supernatural healing. God can do this for you. Get a soaking prayer cd and just listen to it. It will bring in the. Presence of God and the annointing will break the yoke of hopelessness that is on you. God has a plan and purpose for your life. Call upon his name for he is faithful to hear you.
I pray father that your life upon your child and place your healing love and power over her right now. Fill her with your spirit and may your presence surrond her. Give her hope and joy. Restore her life. Bring helpers to her and guide her to a path of healing. Deliver her from the spirit of depression and death. I speak life over her in jesus name.

Anonymous | on Jul 04, 2010

God loves you an is with u ad dnt feel sry for itself ur a child of the almitey God! He lifts u on wings and wants u to live u life rebuke the devil and he must flee

Anonymous | on Jul 04, 2010

The devil is a liar!! Rebuke that spirit in,the name of Jesus.

latoya davis | on Jul 04, 2010

U were made for such a time as this...during ur worst thoughts and overwhelming sorrow, remember jesus on the cross. The pain he must have felt when he was being beaten And hung when he'd done NOTHING wrong...r u not a child of God just like Christ? N doesn't God love u just like Christ? Ur suffering, like Christ's is NOT IN VAIN. Hang n me if u need to, I really don't like to hear that u feel so down.

Jazmin n VA | on Jul 04, 2010

There is no peace in death, only life. When you take your own life? That is death, when you live out the numbered days God has appointed for you that is a peacful transendance. These unbearable times of sadness and storms are very hard to get thru. But take my word as a stage 3 cancer suviviour who lost everthing and everyone in my life in 1 yr. I learned so much, and became so much more close to the Father. All I can do is pray you will stand strong and stay as close as you can to him, also learn all you can. He is right next to you, carrying you. This will pass, it strengthens your soul. God bless

nila tx, witness | on Jul 04, 2010

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