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Dear God,

You've gave me everything. And I give u my all. I sin constantly. Am I evil? Am I still saved? I am just sitting in my room tonight crying. I feel like a imposter. Trying to help people when I need the help. I'm expected so much of by everyone. One time, I fail and I become a failure. Why can't I stop my sexual addictions. Sucide looks good right night. So happy fourth of July. Throw a rose. Celebrate! While I cry hoping for an anwsered prayer. Comments mean alot to me. I also wanted to confess my sins please forgive me for July 4th

Love all you people amen

by secret

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Everyone goes through a rough patch in life and the main thing to focus on right now is anything positive on your life. Live one minute at a time and truly mean what you say when you say you want to make a change .. god listens and responds

Saved by his Grace | on Jul 03, 2010

I agree w/ Saved by his Grace. Positive things lead 2 other positive things. Dnt feel like an impostor cuz u helps others. Thats what GOD wants us 2 do. HE wants us all 2 help each other b encourage'd, positive, n help others whn we can. U help'd sum1 now its yur turn 4 sum1 2 help. Confess w/ yur mouth bout yur sins n ask GOD 2 guide u. U will b ok. Jus have Faith.

SLManning | on Jul 03, 2010

I always have suicide thoughts - its the devil he almost had me but no! thimk of beingbin heaven or entire life in the burning pits of hell only god know u and if ur secere about it and god knows ur sorry and even u believe your self dont think for one second
That he didnt forgive you u u have to forgive yourself! & thats something im working on my self

young and 15 going on american idol pray for me | on Jul 03, 2010

You are saved by grace but you need to ask jesus to baptize you with the holy spirit and fire then you will be delivered from the addictions and bondages in your life I rebuke the suicide spirit and command it to leave you amen

richard wilson | on Jul 03, 2010

If you have asked the Lord into your heart & your life, your life is not yours to take. God loves you so dearly. You are so precious to him that He gave His own son to die for you. Jesus bought you for a price. That is how much you mean to our Holy Father. "I will not leave you nor forsake you" this is his promise to us. Read Phil 4:6 tonight & be glad and know you are never alone, dear friend :)

Anonymous | on Jul 03, 2010

Ok so u have an addiction....u need to reach out an tell someone....go to a church find someone u can confide in....because if u don't ur secret will have power over your bible....know who u are in CHRIST! his promises!....stand under his grace....he's in control an has the power to deliver you....suicide?......never solves anything.....that's satan trying to keep you from GODS best for need to read the bible on transforming an renewing of your mind an bringing thoughts captive in jesus name.....your special...satan wants to destroy...don't give him the satisfaction....step outside ur comfort zone an trust GOD for the impossiable....he'll take your breath away......

GOD\'s butterfly* | on Jul 04, 2010

don't give up...please. it'll be totally worth it!!! I promise:)

Anonymous | on Jul 30, 2010

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