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Dear lord,
Is it wrong to make deal with god every time i talk to god i have a huge smile and hopes he sees how much i want to follow him!!!! Please if ur reading this please go read my other prayers and pray for the ones god chooses for you , so im trying out for american idol i just think why would god give me this voice to not put it to use i want this so bad ,if your reading this my youtube is thralonnie1330 and please watch and come back to comment i pray people dont juge me lord because you know me and i pray people see my beauty as you see it i often feel down about my self but god please help me teach me to love my self as you do, in jesus name i want to live fully in your name lord im ready im still a virgin- and yes i was gay but i know lord you see in my heart that i try to stay away from temptation but sometimes it wins and i feel so bad i feel like youve givein up on me and then i feel like you dont even want to hear my prayers or even deal with me i feel so down and alone when i dissapoint you lord i dont want to and then sometimes i feel like why do i even still pray then i tell my self never stop praying god does not give up on you alex dont u dare five up on him , i need a song lord to audition for american idol with lord please help me and give me a song lord i need this let your will be done lord this is my dream and lord im asking you in prayer to be thee next american idol ill put my all im you lord ! I will (im smileing while writing that part) in jesus name i will but please in return lord as a promise to me ill put my all in you in jeus name and please lord pick my song selections lord.
Ilove you lord...
I will never give up on you.
Only you know me..
In jesus name amen

by alex

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Team Alex! Lol. Like the Twilight movies. But ne ways, wha eva u do, u do it 4 the LORD. U put yur heart & soul n2 it!! Mayb a gospel song u rlly love sing'n. Follow yur dreams n continue 2 pray. GOD gives u yur hearts desires. Amen.

Beauty is nside. If yur heart is pure, u shine like a star!

SLManning | on Jul 03, 2010

Awww thank youuu team !!! SLMannin. Lol i just wish someone would see it because people can never look pass my ,past but ipray they do

young and 15 going on american idol pray for me | on Jul 03, 2010

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