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Lord I'm coming to you to ask that you help me not fall into the same thing my husband did. Tonight I just want to get on the internet to find a man who would want to spend time with me and show me some attention. But I know that won't be right by you God. So I ask for your help badly. The devil is trying to play on me hard. Lord please help me. Today I just want to say f my husband. He can leave work early to go to a bar he claim he don't like doing but been gone for hours. My pain is turning to hatred and I know that's not of you. Please forgive me but I can't take any more. I was going to start a facebook page but that would probably get me in trouble. Lord I feel so unattractive so low so unloved and unhuman. Maybe my husband has to much of my concern and care. Maybe I need to focus more on you and myself and kids. I just want to give up. Please help. In JEsus name amen

by Eagerly Learning

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I can feel your pain, my husband did the same thing to me for 8 yrs. He swore up and down that he wasn't cheating. Guess what? He was cheating. I wonder, is it fair for him to make u feel this way? And why are u blaming ur self for feeling this way? Its his job as a husband to make u feel loved and wanted. Sit him down sister and have a talk. Don't let ur self and ur feelings go. God bless

nila tx, witness | on Jul 03, 2010

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