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So here I am sittin outside on the carport.. Havin a down night.. I was alone.. Aggrivated.. Burdened.. And from the corner of my eye I see this big thing crawling across the ground and I look over and it's just a grasshopper and I'm like "grasshoppers aren't supposed to be walking, they are made to hop." and It was just odd, and out of the ordinary that it would come out of nowhere and I think to myself.. That grasshopper is made to hop but chooses to crawl, as well as we are made to stand up and fight against the enemy with our praises.. But we choose to lay down and just give up.. Weird way to get a message but guess who's back up, ready to fight this good fight. I'm not leaving this battle ground until I prove victory is mine against satan. :) it's awesome how the Lord just knows exactly what you need at exactly what time.. Wether it's through a grasshopper or whatever.. It's just awesome, just keep fighting you prayer warrior. You have power in your tongue, your an instrument of a living God and instrument doesn't work without power behind it, :) that's Jesus!! thank you Jesus. I love you. Sooo much I love you. Praise you.

by Megan

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Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this!

Ed from Texas [email hidden from spammers] | on Jul 02, 2010

Thank you for sharing with us I needed to read this so badly. I have had a bad week and you lifted me up God bless you and yours.thank you

kate | on Jul 02, 2010

Amen! I ain't giving up! Thanks for your words of wisdom

savedbygrace | on Jul 02, 2010

I loved it...rlly opened my eyes...I needed that! :)

Anonymous | on Jul 02, 2010

Amen!! Gr8 message n the krayzest way!! That's GOD 4 u!

SLManning | on Jul 03, 2010

I needed that! Thank u !!

hope | on Jul 06, 2010

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