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Dear Lord,

I know I never pray ad I know I can't lie about it anymore, but you know the truth and it's time I admit to it. I know I stopped believing in you lord, and I now see how hard and horrable life is without you lord. When my wife was pregnaunt with our son I began to believe again and now that he's here and healthy ad growing and my wife is still here to be with me through it I believe once again. I know I don't do this as much as I believe I should but lord I need you now more than ever. I need your help I need you to help me fight through this hard time not for me but for my family I can't let them down again. I need this new job lord for my family to support my baby girl my son and my wife to keep them safe and off the streets we have been there and I don't want them to e there with me again I can't bare to see them in that pain. This job will get us where we need to start heading in life. So please lord this is all I ask of to help me with giving me what it takes to get this job for my family. I'm sorry for all I've done and said and stopped believing in you. Now I'm back and I'm here to stay.

by Anonymous

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May god give the strengh and the guidance you need to help your family

Anonymous | on Jul 02, 2010

Thank you

i now believe | on Jul 02, 2010

Welcome back brother! Many of us have been in shoes like yours and we're glad to be back and we're glad you're with us.

JDNappers | on Jul 02, 2010

That is so wonderful, it's never too late: )

Anonymous | on Jul 02, 2010

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