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Lord your my provider , I only trust and believe in you . It's like no one else believes in me , they can care less about me . I know that you love me , all I need is a touch from you ! There's nobody greater than you , that's why I like to be by myself . When I'm by myself I know your there to comfort me , I can careless about how people feel about me . Lord I know for sure , I'm going to be successful , and greater things will come my way . Lord I'm extremely sorry for my attitude 30 mins ago , it caused me to say some negative things . Please forgive me , right now lord ; I'm sorry .


by 0reo a Living Vessel

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I think it's really cool how you never gave up and haven't given up. I pray fir strenghth like yours. I gave up sometime ago and wasn't till my wife was preg with my son that I started to believe and then I got to keep my wife and my son alive an healthy that I believe like I once did. So congrats and keep it up I believe you will be successful. As for me I just hope to get this new job so I can support my family an keep them safe and it's really hard right now for me to do that with the job I have but I'll keep praying for it. Good luck to you

Anonymous | on Jul 02, 2010

Thank you so much ! God is not finished yet , he's sending your breakthrough right now ! The only thing you have to do is keep the faith and don't give in ;) God is a miracle worker , he sees your pain and he knows your heart :) Your family is getting prepared for the SMACKDOWN , and all the negative blessing blockers in your life will turn into positive mountain movers !;) God loves you and your family ;) Never let the devil take the victory , because God already said we have the victory way before the battle started ! I honestly believe with out a doubt , God is up to something in your life ! I speak life into you and your fam , no weapon formed against you and your fam shall prosper ;) I pray that whatsoever you touch , SHALL PROSPER !!;)

0reo a Living Vessel | on Jul 02, 2010

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