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You know I am not talking to my parents, Lord please help them figure out that if they dont trust me,i wont treat them with respect...this is an insult, and I have cried myself to sleep so many times, and part of this is why I was depressed for that time..

by valeria 17 years old, and loving my Jesu

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Lordul please help Valeria. Amen

ginny10 | on Jul 02, 2010

Thank you :)

valeria 17 years old, and loving my Jesus | on Jul 02, 2010

Valeria please understand that it is hard to be a parent. You will understand that when you have your own children. We make mistakes to. Most parents err on the side of caution because we love our children so much we try to protect them. Realize though that as a Christian God requires you to honor your parents. I know that isn't easy but it shows maturity and God honors His word. I pray peace, blessings and understanding between you and your parents.

janiceaSonshine | on Jul 02, 2010

I respect, honor, and obey my parents,i may not be taking to them, but I still do the above the point of the matter is, they either do not trust the way they raised me, or they dont trust God.because they treat me as though I did something to lose their trust, when I never had it in the first place, and I do realize it is tough, but I think i deserve a chance...otherwise they will never know how well they raised me,i hope you understand what I am trying to say..

valeria 17 years old, and loving my Jesus | on Jul 02, 2010

You sound mature for your age. I understand what you are saying and you have a valid point. If you haven't already try sitting down with them one at a time and say what you just said to me. They may not realize what they are doing. You are almost an adult and will be making all your on decisions soon. Now is the time to test the waters while it is still safe. They will see that they have done a good job. Be patient with them though as I said it is a hard job and it is hard to let go. I have a 16, 18 and 20 yo daughters and am a single parent so I am talking from my own experience. Have a talk with your parents. U will be following you and praying for you. God has good plans for you. God's blessings

janiceaSonshine | on Jul 03, 2010

Well here us the thing,i spent 2 hours talking to them about this, and after I finished pouring my heart out, my dad said: do you know how much time you wasted talking? Now I dont know if that's ok, but I dont want a repeat because it hurt me

valeria 17 years old, and loving my Jesus | on Jul 03, 2010

I am so sorry. That just broke my heart. I am committing you and your relationship with your parents to prayer this week. I pray God will move in their hearts and bring healing to all of you. Stay strong in Christ. He knows your heart.

janiceaSonshine | on Jul 03, 2010

Thank you..i have started talking with them, but the peace is fragile at best

valeria 17 years old, and loving my Jesus | on Jul 03, 2010

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