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I need prayer....on the way home from work...i had bad heart palpations an it felt like my heart was gonna stop....i felt like i wanted to pass out at the wheel while driving....i cryed out an started prayer an calling on jesus fast....went to the emgergency room....they did a ekg on me an i had another one right there!....i felt like my body was going cold....they said that theres a hormone in my blood that causing this....i am starting to question my can give u fast heart beats if there issues....please pray that i get healing an understanding for whats going on....let GODS will be done in my life....amen.....thanks!

by GOD's butterfly*

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I had some really bad heart palpitations one day... Found out that a lack of sleep can cause them to get out of control as well as caffeine. If you are drinking lots of caffeine and not getting enough sleep or exercise, your condition may not get better... Keeping you in prayer!!

Toda Dulzura | on Jul 01, 2010

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