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hey God ,
i`m not really sure what i`m doinq anymore ; i`m pretty sure you do thouqh but you don`t want to help me because you want me to fiqure thinqs out on my own . i feel so confused and lost and annoyed and just BLAH . why do i feel this way ? how come i`m not as happy as others are sometimes ? why do i always iqnore my needs/wants &+ help others and be there for them when they need someone but when it comes to me - sometimes i feel like no one cares ? and then i even iqnore it ? why can`t i ever talk to someone and tell them how i feel and all my pain and stuff ? Even when i do find someone - like him <3 ; how come i still don`t say anythinq ? why do i always have to keep everythinq inside me ? how come you can`t help me even just a little bit so i feel better ? how come i always let thinqs kill me inside but i ll never tell anyone about it . God ; you created me - why do i do that . i`m your child and i know i made myself this way - but like . . . WHY . i blocked out my friends who i take as my family for a couple of days . they have been tryinq to talk to me . but some of them are sometimes just like - hgfhjiogfrehjikogfdsebhjkogfre . some of them just have really upset me thouqh =/ i just feel hated for some reason . why do i feel the thinqs i feel ? i`m only seventeen and i`m havinq all these thouqhts and confusions . what`s qunna happen to me when i qet older ? =/ please just set me straiqht and help me out . i needa qet on the riqht path . i`m always smile - inq and hide - inq everythinq inside . || him - i trust him so much . i just want to tell him everythinq - my whole world . he`s like 99% perfect . has anyone ever met someone like that ? God ? have you ? i know your everyone`s God - but i know you still have time for love =) he`s so sweet and cute & adorable and understandinq AND FUNNY and he always always ALWAYS makes me smile esp when i`m down . he always arques w l me and we just never stop ; haha . no matter what happens ; i can never be mad at him . every other quy i`ve met are scumbaqs and not worth it . but him - he`s just like |myluckycharm<3| and i can`t even tell him . do you understand ? i have so many thinqs qoinq on - and i`m just too confused . i know no one cares about what i have to say . but at this point - i`m avoidinq my friends for personal reasons and i just need to say whatever`s on my mind riqht now - even thouqh i wouldn`t have told them anythinq anyway . . . i`ve decided to not tell them anythinq anymore - secrets wise . just all leads to teenaqe drama ; qo fiqure ?

- hope all is well w l everyone else <3 esp you God . God - your one ; anywhere you are - no matter what place ; no matter which reliqion . so i know you ll understand it when i say: tu mera jaan aa ; mera chand ka tokra . tenu pata ni ni mein tera biqhar ki kardi . tenu bas pata ni .

by NoToR1OUS PReeTo

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Hold on!!! Things will work out!! Trust in God, he does listen to you and he may answer you maybe not in your time, but in his time!!! Sweetheart, you are not alone!!! God is with you and so am I.

Crystal(: | on Jun 30, 2010

thanks crystal ; just not havinq a very qood week . had to speak my heart out =/

NoToR1OUS PReeTo | on Jun 30, 2010

Someone does care, I feel like u sometimes, but never forget that someone does care, Jesus does, and so do I.

Jason | on Jun 30, 2010

if only someone actually showed me that they did really care Jason =/

NoToR1OUS PReeTo | on Jun 30, 2010

I have those days too when you like you have nobody or no one cares to listen to how you feel but I want you to know that when you feel like the world has turn its back on you, God is still going to be there with you. Don't shut out the ones who care about you and keep praying because God is listening.

Anonymous | on Jun 30, 2010

thanks ; that helped :)

NoToR1OUS PReeTo | on Jul 01, 2010

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