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I cum 2 u 2 ask a few questions tht I need guidance wit. Is this job where u wnt me 2 b? Why cant I find a man tht truly luvs me? How will I kno whn he is da one u sent 2 me? Do I luv 2 freely? Am I doin as u r instructin me? Dear Jesus, Im doin my best 2 hear and listen 2 u, if wht u wnt frm me Im not givin pleaz sho me.4give me 4 my sins, I still have alot of wrk 2 do but I ask tht u pleaz remain wit me even whn Im wrng. Let the next man tht cum n2 my life b da man u have sent 2 me not da one I have chosen. Im weak whn it cum 2 relationships wit men, I give but neva recieve. I luv hard. Can u pleaz walk wit me on my journey. U said u would neva leave me nor 4saken me and u have honored tht promise even whn I thought u werent listenin. U gave yo life 4 my sins, u hold me whn no1 else is there. They ask how can u luv sum1 u have neva seen, I say da sameway u luv sum1 u really dnt kno. I luv my Lord and Savior bcuz he shed his blood 4 me, he gave his life 4 my sins, he has always been there even whn I wuznt there 4 myself, whn Im down he picks me up and brush off the dirt and say it will b ok. Thnk u oh my gracious beautiful king I lift this prayer up 2 u Amen

by sum1 pleaz pray 4 me

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Any godly advice would b helpful. I thnk all my prayer friends 4 prayin. Yo thoughts and prayers r so encouragin. I have no1 n my life tht I can share my feelins wit da way I do wit my prayer friends. Thnk u so much. God bless u all

sum1 pleaz pray 4 me | on Jun 29, 2010

God has a wonderful man for you but I believe that he first wants you to find contentment in yourself and him. No man will ever complete you. You are the source of your happiness. There is good things that come from a marrige but only if it's built on a solid foundation. Learn to except yourself single first, then you will be ready to recieve out of truth and not fear.
God bless you

Anonymous | on Jun 29, 2010

I ask myself a lot of the same questions just keep praying and have faith.

Jessica | on Jun 29, 2010

The right guy for you is someone who truly loves God. Remember, God said, " seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things will be added unto you." don't focus so much on finding the right guy yourself. Let God bring him to you.

HipHopDancer | on Jul 02, 2010

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