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Father in Heaven, all glory & power to you. B with me & forgive me. I cannot hold this hate for T.L. he had sex with my wife when I was sick & unable to take care of her sexual needs. For two years I was in pain & hell, only to come out and find an emotional hell. Now I have evil & wicked intentions for him. Forgive me.

Father, all praise & thanks to You for helping me forgive my wife & for renewing our marriage. This new direction that You seem to be leading us in, is this a rebirth for us. So much chang at once, better jobs, new house, even the kids are ok with moving. At every turn I look for reasons to stop yet everything always points in the same direction & that path is smoothes & easiest. You are really leading us down this path. Continue to show us the way & give me the strength & courage to do Your will. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen

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Ill b praying for u I know its hard my hubby n I have both been there the pain eventually fades its the reminders n thoughts that will creep back n ur mind that sux we both had affairs. three yrs ago n its still hard it was easy for me to forgive the other women Cause she didnt know he was married my one night stand did so its hard for my hubby to what's worse I didnt know my one night stand recorded me n posted it online for my hubby n the whole world to c I know God was @ work what r the odds I've been wanting my hubby to pray n read with me for eight yrs its hard he gets irritated when I leave the rm to study without him cause hes a truck driver n hardly is home but God is good continue to pray for ur wife ill do the same for ur marriage God hates divorce n Satan hates marriage I pray u find forgiveness n strength I told my hubby two wks ago after I found out about him taking another women out to breakfast n letting her kiss him if thats what really happened that it was counseling next or im filing for seperation I know God hates divorce but I dont think a loving God would allow up to b abused or cheated on over n over again risking r lives heck I already have Herpies thats new n I've been faithful so im having to reforgive him its hard but God is good hang n there ur n my prayers

stephanie,ky | on Jun 30, 2010

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