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Lord your are mighty. I know prayer is not suppose be only about my pleasure but to please you first. Lord I'm asking that if its your will please restore my family and bring us happiness. I just want everyone to be happy including myself. I want to make you happy God and I'm trying to selfless but I hope its okay to ask for happiness for myself cause Lord I don't want to hurt. I rather do what pleases you, you know that you know my heart better than I do. Lord I pray for my marriage because I know that's what you want. Honestly for me I still confused if I want it to work or not. Cause the truth is he has brought a lot of pain into this marriage. But the difference is that then I tried to change him myself but I only did it to encourage him to change because I know he can be better and do better in return it made him feel like I was trying to be his mama and that I was unhappy with him as a whole. But Lord you know I love Jewel whole heartly. And I just want the best for him. So this.time around I becoming more closer and stepping back and learning my role. As your child and as a wife. I'm learning that no matter what I say will effect him so I leave it to you. You can change things to the way they are suppose to be and make it right all the way around. So God I Thank you for Change. In Jesus name amen

by Eagerly Learning

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God wants you to be 'selfish' sometimes during prayer! He wants you to come to him with all your desires. He may not give you everything you ask for but he indeed wants you to ask. Just glorify him in your life and be a good witness and he will an does answer prayets.... even the 'selfish' ones!

JDNappers | on Jun 29, 2010

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