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Dear lord thank you for another wonderful day. I come 2 u this morning still with a heavy heart, i know i am on Your time so why cant i be patient with this situation i am goin thru. I truly love Brenda with all my heart and i know she knows how i feel about her but her heart is so strong and she is not willing 2 let me back in. Even when she tells me 2 leave her alone i find myself still contacting her and tryin 2 talk 2 her. I should be grateful that she is still in my life even tho she doesnt talk 2 me as much as she use 2. Lord plz i ask u 2 guide me in the right direction, i ask You to hear my prayers and soften brenda's heart so she can let me back in. I love her so much and want to be a part of her and her daughters life. Please i ask that You show her that and let her lower dat wall she has around her heart. Prayer friends plz write me and let me know wut i should do and if i am doing wrong. Lord plz hear my prayers!! I repent my sins i open my heart 2 u and i ask You to be my lord and savior in Jesus name Amen

by orlando

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If she is saying stay away and means it you should. You don't want to be considered a stalker and end up with a restraining order against you. I realize this is hard and your heart is broken but there is a time to just let go and let God. God loves you and is able to bring healing and restoration to your life. Allow God to do his work in you and trust him. If this woman is Gods chosen help mate for you then he will bring her back. I would stop contacting her and just release the situation to the lord.

Anonymous | on Jun 29, 2010

Agreed with anon. But with one caveat, I would write her a letter telling her that you're sorry you haven't abided her wishes up to this point. Tell her you're going to give her the space she asked for. Tell her that you care deeply for her and that u want to be a part of her life. Apologize for anything you've done to her then don't contact her. Pray. Continue to ask the Lord for strength and for him to touch het heart that she may forgive you and invite you back into her life. The Lord will guide you. He will open doors. You may not be a part of her life in the near future or ever but God will reward you for your faith and your walk.

JDNappers | on Jun 29, 2010

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