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Lord please help me through this bout of depression. Thank you for saving me from suicide; I pray you will continue to guide me through this troubled time.

by NBAFreak

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Dear Nba Freak, i'am so glad to hear that you did not attempt sucide, because sucide is not the answer. The only answer to all life's problems is Jesus. Turn all your problems over to the carw of God and he will direct your paths in the right direction. Believe me I have tried to commit sucide in the past and it got me nowhere but pure pain. Just trust in Jesus and just see what he will do for your life. Things will only get better if you turn to Jesus. I will continue to pray for you on a daily basis. Also continue to pray to God and read your bible daily. Believe me you will see big changes coming your way if you just let God help you. May God Bless You? Oh i'am also a big Nba Freak, but not just any Freak i'am a big huge Los Angeles Lakers Freak. God be with you always. In Christ Jesus Danielle

Danielle Ca | on Jun 26, 2010

From one Laker fan to another, thanks. I can't describe how much your prayers mean.

NBAFreak | on Jun 26, 2010

Do you live in California? I normally dont do this, but if you need to talk you can call me at (1_818) 795_ 2751. I just care about people and I love to help people. But its okay if you dont feel comfrontable doing so. God Bless You! Your prayer friend Danielle

Danielle Ca | on Jun 26, 2010

I'm definitely not a Lakers fan (lol), but I'm praying for you. I hope things are improving since you posted this a month ago.

Bri ([email hidden from spammers]) | on Jul 26, 2010

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