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Dear lord you know what I'm going through and you know how depressed, frustrated and upset I am.

I know that this is your plan for me to honour You and glorify You but I really am finding it hard to accept. I am struggling, finding it hard to be close to You and accept Your plan.
I am so sick of my family and the whole topic of divorce at home. It's tearing my family apart. I hate home I jus wanna get out and leave forever but I can't. I know You want me to stay.

But this whole divorce thing is draining away my joy and happiness and it makes me so upset every day. My mum n sis r upset too and this really sucks. I just pray that you stay with all of us through this tough period and help me learn to turn to You, trust You and find comfort in You.

I feel so far away from You and I feel so bad for being so cold n grumpy n sarcastic to my mum n sis and I just praythat You be with me and calm my heart and keep me pure. Teach me to follow Your words and honour You in all that I do and say.

Please keep me close to You and even though I can't hear you or feel You, assure me that you're here with me and give me the strength to hold on to You and the bible and to never give up on You, always remembering that You love me and will help me out.

by iloveGod1211

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Dear Lord, please provide comfort for you son who is struggling. Show him your presence and bring peace to his home. Touch his parents' hearts so they will no longer fight. Stop them in their tracks, have them stand still to hear you. Open their hearts to consider allowing you 40 days in their lives. Give them a moment of reflection. Allow them to see the true destruction of divorce. Their children are suffering. Let them step back and consider forgiveness and perhaps reconciliation. You oh Lord can perform miracles. If I can forgive my husband for his 2-year affair while I was pregnant, they most certainly can forgive each other. If nothing more, please just let them be civil and cordial. Protect your son and give him comfort. I ask this in your precious name. Amen. | on Jun 14, 2010

Thank you so much friend. I'm a girl anyway. I just pray that things will get better. I'm alr in a better mood now, praise the Lord.

iloveGod | on Jun 14, 2010

I'm sorry, I just read some of your other prayers and realized you are a girl. | on Jun 14, 2010

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