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Dear God I thank-you for watching and keeping my family and I safe throughout the night. Protect us as we go to our different location let no harm nor danger come upon us. Forgive me if I haven't been pleasing in your sight. I know you told me to go right and I went left please forgive me. I know you are a many time forgiving God. You are better to me than I am to myself. Lord you know my wants, needs and if you find fit and if it is your will have your way with me. There is someone laying in the hospital bed that needs your healing touch. Someone who is behind the jail walls that needs you right now. Someone on the streets that needs you to protect them and put your loving arms around them. I pray for the president and his cabin and those who are working against him. Let them know you are still in charge. I pray for the world. Lord you know I am about to have this AIDS test due to a cheating husband I pray that the results are negative. I even pray for him that you protect him and if it is meant for use to be you will in due time. Bless everyone on here today that are in need of prayer. These blessing I ask in your name Amen. Everyone be blessed and have a good day.

by Through Christ I Can Do All Things

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God in your name watch over this womam Lord. Please forgive her of her sins and faults. Please protect them God as the go to a different place. Keep them safe and protected. Lord please forgive het husband of what he has done. That the AIDS testing would be negative and that they will be in full health. Keep her and her family safe, and in your name

God\'s warrior | on Jun 11, 2010

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