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I am completely destroyed, my faith is dissapearing, my cries go unheard, I am dying. I don't see anything positive in life, I am negative, and no one cares for me or about me. I go to church, nothing, I try to pray, nothing. I feel closer to hell than ever before. I am married and haven't had anything intimate for months, my wife doesn't understand me, I want to leave her. She is clueless to the battles I have. I feel nothing for her anymore. My 3 kids I feel are out of control. The people I live with act like animals and are out of control. They are selfish, inconsiderate,and very dirty. The worst part is that they say they are christian. Not one person cares if they live among trash, with kids in the house. I try and try to clean up, but I'm out numbered. I have 3 kids and no job, I'm close to getting deported, I can't legally work. Ins says u can't work. I've lived in us since I was 8 yrs old and cannot get a visa. I went to school here, have no relatives in mexico, if I'm deported I have no where to go. I am completely depressed. Please someone help. I continually fall into sin cuz I see no point in going on as a christian. God y won't u hear me.

by ozzie

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Take my advice... treat people the way ud want to be treated... and think positive in every situation and remeber there is always someone worse off than you. Count ur blessings even if it seems like you have none.. god will meet you half way... there is always a light at the end of the dark tunnel you are in. Its the cycle of life! You have ups and downs. Everyone thing we go through is a lesson we must learn from in order for us to grow and be a better person. I will pray for you!

sitters | on Jun 10, 2010

Yeah I ll try but I'm tired its been almost 8 yrs of this, I can't do it anymore. Tell me do u have a job, a house, are legal,? You problably have no idea what's it like to struggle to live in a small room in 100 degree weather or 30 degrees knowing u can't work. With people who are racist and think ur less than them. I thank u for ur concern to pray but not even prayers seem to do anything......

ozzie | on Jun 10, 2010

God has been with you since you were born. He has brought you through every trial and tribulation. That fact that you are praying show that you have God in your heart. Think of Jesus on the cross. What did he go through? Why did he go through it? Get on your knees and repent to God for yours sins. Rebuke database hold on you and praise God for His grace and mercy. Read Gods word daily and see how he works in and around your life.

moe | on Jun 10, 2010

That last part should read rebuke satans hold on you.

moe | on Jun 10, 2010

If your not legal and can't work here then you need to go back your country. Find a local church that has ties to where you are from. They can help you get connected and support until your able to get back on your own feet. There are people that will help you. If you are not following the laws of man or God how do you expect God to help you. God can move and work in your life once you are acting in obediance. I am praying for you and pray that you will seek and pursue the correct resourses to help you.

Anonymous | on Jun 10, 2010

If you return to the Lord, then your brothers and your children will be shown compassion by their captors and will come back to this land, for the Lord your God is gracious and compassionate. He will not turn his face from you if you return to him.

Anonymous | on Jun 10, 2010

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