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🌟🌟Heavenly father the first thing I want to say is Thank you for everything that you have giving me,
everything that you have bless me with and please continue to bless me with EVERYTHING that i ask for especially in my special time of need, Father God the devil is trying to take all of my blessing away from me and these people in this house are against me and i really need your help,your protection and your blessing.
Please keep me out of drama that is in this house
And keep my name out of people's mouth who lives in that house I'm talking about the ones who i dont talk too.
Father God please protect me from my money hungry, drug and alcohol addict, phony mother and all of her money hungry ways and con games,
Especially when she comes down from her drug and alochol sprees
She is so toxic and I don't want her to try to start up any kind of drama with ME or Sejal .
Because you know how she can be and I don't want no parts of her especially her trying to come at me with her nasty heartless attitude I haven't did anything to her and I want her and her pathetic son to leave me alone and keep my name out of their mouths and please keep them out of my room when im not HERE, God please bless me with finding somewhere else to stay my own place so i can leave this toxic environment and these evil people who lives here in this house
Please don't let her start up any kind of drama with me,don't let her ask me for any kind of favors especially money or to buy her some cigarettes or something to eat
Everytime when she comes down from her drug and alochol sprees
She loves to start up drama with people with who dont support her
Lifestyle, and i will never support someone does drugs and alcohol.
Father God i really need you make her stop picking at me with the petty stuff, because she keep trying me and I'm trying my best not to be disrespectful and Snap on her, she needs to leave me the hell alone,
Please hear my call
She needs to leave me alone
i really need you to protect me and sheild me from ALL of HER EVIL NASTY WAYS AND RECKLESS WORDS THAT COMES OUT OF HER MOUTH
Im the only person in this house who help her and she has the audacity come at me with an attitude,that needs to STOP
All i want and need is her to leave me alone if she doesn't have a anything positive to say to me then just leave me alone

Everytime when she starts to do drugs she loves to think that my attitude changes and it does because I do not support who does drugs and alcohol I don't judge them I just don't support it. So my attitude is going to change
My drug addict mother love to play the victim but she's not and she needs to realize and she needs to realize that everything that she does wrong is her fault and nobody else's
Please do not let her say anything else to me about what my cousin said because I really don't care and I don't want to listen to nobody who threw their child out into the street to die
The only thing she's doing being a participant in my mother's Petty party
Cause my mother is pathetic and she know that she did wrong and she needs somebody should be on her side for her wrongdoings
So I don't want to hear no more of that so protect me from those comments
Also my mother needs to stop talking about me behind my back
Especially to family and family members
And do not let her try to start up any kind of drama with Sejal especially in the morning time and threw out the day
Also keep her away from me and don't let her try to start of any kind of drama with me as well
Father god i have had enough of her and her bipolar ways its time for me to GO and getaway from these people in this house, especially my mother and my pathetic brother
Please be merciful towards me and protect me when im there because I dont feel safe when im around them
Heavenly father please dont let my
Nasty,evil,heartless,money hungry mother ask me for anything every time when she come off of her high of doing drugs and alcohol she starts making up lies so she can get people to feel sorry for her and give her money to make up the money that you lost when she was on drug and alcohol sprees keep that from me and do not let her ask me for anything especially about buying her something to eat or her some cigarettes,
So father God please protect me from all of her money hungry ways and words and con games
When I get home don't let it be no kind of messages or notes in my room asking me for favors and no kind of money
So please be merciful towards me and please answer this SPECIAL prayer request
In Jesus name Amen

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