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Father God this is an emergency prayer request for not getting in trouble for what I said to Sonja I was just joking and I really hope I didn't offend her And I hope and pray I didn't offend nobody else For now on guy. I promise you I will watch what I say. Especially when I'm at Wilson air Because I need my job and I'm not trying to lose it, and I do not want Offend any of my girls that work in the front counter, especially Sonja And Christina
father God I just spoke to Sonia and apologize. And she said She just want me to be careful what I say because you never know who could be listening. So she said that she
was giving me a heads up. And I really appreciate it,it won't happen again I can promise you that,
Father God please let Sonja keep her word to me because I don't want her to be mad a me or change her mind and tell April what I said
Please do not let anybody else go back and tell April, Anything what I said? Because I was just joking And the person who I was joking with I apologize to So there is no need for this matter to go any further Please do not let anybody. Influence Sonja to say anything to April About what I said. Because I was just joking. And me and Sonia always joke with each other, but Sonia made a good point I have to watch what I say. Because if I say the wrong thing somebody could report me. And father God, I do not want that to happen. So, please let this situation be over with.
Father God i am asking you and you begging God to please bless me with keeping my job at Wilson air and don't let me get in trouble,because I really need my job and please forgive me if offended anybody I will watch what I say for now on especially when I'm at Wilson air
So father God be merciful towards me and answer this Serious Prayer request and Please DONT LET ME INTO TROUBLE

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