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Lord I asked you to please break the spirit of witchcraft in my family & my life. Everytime my mom & grandmother have a relationship they're against me. Whenever I try to have one with one of them we're against the other. She raised her and they're just alike. SMH they're both controlling and use witchcrafty ways by manipulation & lying. They're stubborn & never admit to they're wrong doing. I'm nothing like them but when they are against each other n have been against me bc I have spoke out against it... it's sad when you can't expose the truth n they resist it. I am the only one in the family who has ever apologized even when I hadn't done wrong. I am the one who always tries to salvage the relationship when it seems like it isn't worth salvaging..only to get disappointed & done wrong over and over again. Lord my mom has never been a mom & I don't know if she'll ever be what I wanted. Please just allow them to see their faults and quit excusing their behavior and faults just bc they feel their exempt from apologizing bc of their biological titles. please break this cycle in my family..the cycle of manipulation, confusion, and on going pain/poverty. I know you have a plan Lord and I pray your will is done in the name of the Father, your son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Amen..Shalom & Selah

by Sasha

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