Prayer Request

** Public Service Announcement ***

If you know anyone who's still making the mistake of...

... consulting with mediums, psychics, astrologers, fake prophets, etc.
in their quest for solutions to their problems.

First urge them to fall on their knees and REPENT.

Once they have repented give them this bulldozer prayer:

"Birds of death monitoring my life, crash and die by fire in the name of Jesus"

Those places are little more than shop fronts for the devil.

If you are reading this, you too should test-drive this one prayer
for 30 minutes at the midnight hour.

(Especially if you've been depending on "prophets"
to prophesy and see visions for you)

You may be surprised at what follows later - in your dream and in the natural realm.

Behold the secrets of God are upon your tabernacle (Job 29:4).

by prayer eagle

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