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Yaweh I just typed my prayer and all of a sudden my prayer disappeared. I bind the demonic forces up and send them to the abyss of hell because it wants to stop me from praying this prayer to you but I will not.

Yaweh I come to you humbly so because I am having or had issue with two friends of mine. These ladies are actually more like my sisters than anything and I love both of them dearly from heart. I am not perfect but I am loyal, honest and want nothing but the best for both of them in this lifetime. Yaweh I ask that you intervene and mend my relationships with each one of them. I am sorry and never meant to hurt either of them and I need them to know that. I ask that you open there hurts and allow our relationship to get beyond this bumpy patch. I know they so not hate me and have spoken to me but not like we did several weeks ago. Father I proclaim that my friendships with them will be better than it ever was before and that you will mend these friendships in Godspeed. I ask all of this in your Mighty name Yaweh AMEN and I love you.

by Anonymous

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