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Lord Jesus, I pray for my ex colleagues and ex bosses to become paupers .
They hurt my mom and me. Spread rumours about me being a whore, I've never been with a guy and I'm not ****.
I'm still a virgin. They encouraged married colleagues to mess with me.
I was fortunate to dodge their trap.
The memories still haunt me. I didn't provoke them, I was nice to them.
They tortured me everyday for months till i got fired.
They badmouthed me, their lies spread like forest fire.
I still lives in fear and injust filled my mind and heart.
Especially doreen she was my friend for 5 years, she is poisonous and ruin me.
I helped her, trained her but she was just a devil in disguised.
Lord Jesus I pray desperately for God to rain judgement and terror on all my oppressors, abusers, enemies and attackers.
Show no mercy to them, I wasn't their only victim.
Spare my mom, protect my mom.
In jesus's almighty name Amen Amen hallelujah

by me

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