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Dear family pray that our God rescues me from.the old lifestyle that seems to come back upon us sometimes.also pray the lord to give me an earnest desire to get into the word and back to grace Bible church.I feel I am going backwards and far from the lordmay he have mercy on me.thank you all


by scott

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We praise the Lord. When one of His children come back to Him, the whole heaven rejoices. So are we on earth. We pray that the love of God touch your heart, the grace of Jesus guide your ways and the power of the Holy Spirit lead you back to God's kingdom.

In Jesus name I ask, amen.

HAJ | on May 31, 2010

Scott, God tells us thathe will give us the desires of our heart. Believe and ask God every day and He wil keep his word. Also do your part by ready Gods word every day. Start in the gospel of John. This is the most detailed life of Christ.
Do you even find yourself acting more and more like the friends you are around day after day? I'm sure you are saying yes about now to yourself. Well this is exactly how it will work when spending time with Jesus day after day. Your relationship and your actions will be more and more like Jesus. It will just happen.
Also please feel free to check out a website I have found that has changed my life... This website teaches you how to have a true relationship with Jesus. In a practical way. We will keep you on our prayer list.
I post diffenet things on my facebook pg. Please feel free to visit it. Look up PamelaWardle in Boise Idaho.

Anonymous | on May 31, 2010

Scott--draw near to Him. He will draw near to you

preachergirl | on May 31, 2010

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