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I don't know what your gig is dude but President Trump has done more for the religious aspect of this country than any other president has done and I don't know how long you listen to everybody has said the fake news maybe if you'd start listening to a Christian radio station that gives news updates you'd hear the true things that are be done for the country that Trump has done and what the Democratic party has not done for this country and what they're trying to do is cut out religion do you know the Democratic party did not pray to open up their democratic convention in 2016

Anonymous | on Jan 12, 2019

AMEN! To the anonymous person! Also, the Democrats need to stop being stubborn & support the President about the wall!!

JESUS #1 | on Jan 12, 2019

I agree with both of you.I meant that the spirit of jezebell is coming against President Trump and we should pray for our President.I am a 100 percent for President Trump.Sorry for the mix up.

Richard Wilson | on Jan 12, 2019

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