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Thankyou for this beautiful sunday father. Thank you for the great time I had lastnight. It felt great to be able to get out of the house and be around other people instead of being alone left to only myself to worry. Please continue to love me and understand my heartache and trials. I really miss my partner. She texted me today and told me she really loved me. It felt so good. I don't want to over analize it but I hope she isn't just contacting me because her Bff/ roomie isn't around. Seems like when she is out with friends she doesn't even think of me bit once she has nothing to do the she will does. I want to stop thinking like this hit it is hard. I'm gettig somewhat better though Father, Im making myself not contact her in hopes that by doing so it would give her a chance to miss me. It is difficult though. Well other than that please remember about my fenderbendwr case. I think they are waiting to talk to me again to seenig my side of the story will switch up. I just want this to be over with, it is nerve wrecking!!! Please calm my nerves and please Lord allow this case to work in my favor. You are the best andni love you! Oh yeah, please bless my sister and her husband, she tells me she doesn't want to be with him and that she cares but it's just not there anymore but he is heartbroken and knows something is wrong, I feel his pain all too well but I'm trying to stay out of it while comforting him. Please help th get through it. And please forgive my sins and spelling. Amen

by Melody

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If its alright with u I would like to ask u a question. I do not nor will I judge u. It is not my place, the Lord is our only judge. But I'm just wondering how u justify having a partner when God destroyed an entire city for the very same thing. I guess that sounds very rude however I don't mean it that way. I just want to understand.

ashtons_mama | on May 30, 2010

It has been so long since I prayed, I was told he loves all of his children. Am I not a child of god? It hurts thinking that there are some of his children, my brothers and sisters who shun me for who I love. You may cast stones at me if you like... I will still love who I love and I pray that no matter what happens, if I am damned or not... our father will still love me as well.

Melody | on May 31, 2010

God destroyed the city bc of the lust that Ws going on not two ppl of the same sex loving each other.! Im Really proud of yhu Mel yhu have love for Jesus n knows He love eryone n ur not afraid to her ur heart show or ur Sexual orientation. God bless yhu. Keep on loving Christ n keep ur relationship ship strong with him and let no one try to brk the love n close Ness yhu have with the Lord. Love who yhu love n remember where there is love. The Lord is there. Amen.

BONDiN W JESUS <3 | on Jun 21, 2010

Thank you so much!!! I needed that sweetie

Melody | on Jun 23, 2010

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