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Lord i come to you for your favor. I need you to lead me in the right direction lord, my heart is so empty without her i need you to show me if i should go try to talk to her or give her more time. I need your strenght to make the right decision lord i ask this is in your name. Anyone else out there with advice please help thanks

by orlando

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Let the Lord guide you. He always will.

Think of the acts of Christ. With every miracle comes a test of faith. This is your test of faith.

Continue with your normal life, depending on God. Let Him work while you live graciously. You will find, in time, that the Lord will call you and answer your prayer.


Revan ([email hidden from spammers]) | on May 30, 2010

I thank you for that, I have left it in god's hands but my heart is so empty I go on with my everyday life its just hard because I want nothing more than to appologize and just have a face to face talk.

But what you are saying is too just

orlando | on May 30, 2010

to just go on with my normal life and let god direct me. So how do I heal a heart that's in so much pain?

orlando | on May 30, 2010

It's the one thing we can not control that God will use to heal you. "Time"
Everything will happen in time. Jesus is a "just in time" God.

joeb | on May 30, 2010

Orlando, I so know how you feel.

I'm in love, completely and totally, with a wonderful girl called Lylas. But we've been through so much just to get to each other. Her parents do not approve of me, and we've not seen each other in more than a year. Yet the love is still there.

I get through it by listening to my wonderful God. I know, for a fact, that the struggle now will make meeting eachother again and being together all the sweeter.

Within every struggle is a gift. When you struggle for something, you appreciate the sweetness of the gift all the more. :)


Revan ([email hidden from spammers]) | on May 30, 2010

I have asked god to soften her heart because she is stubborn and has a huge wall up. She has been hurt a lot in the past so I pray that god let's her see that I can be the man she wants me to be. We ended our relationship over small things because we couldn't communicate. I know that I love her with all my heart and she is who I want 2 be with for the rest of my life.
I am also in the military leaving in july for a 6 month deployment so @ a time when I need her in my life she's gone. I pray that god opens her heart to me again so I can love her like no man ever will. I pray to you lord. Amen

orlando | on May 30, 2010

Amen. :) That is the right thing to do.

Revan ([email hidden from spammers]) | on May 30, 2010

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