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Today has been a difficult day. Today brought back feelings of anger and hatred towards my father, feelings I thought were long gone and I would never experience them again.

Almost two decades ago my mom found out my dad had been cheating on her and he had another son fruit of that adulterous relationship, which would lead them to get divorced. Soon after she sued my dad for moral damages. Fast forward almost two decades later and the lawsuit finally comes to an end and he ends up winning and the judge says she has to pay him almost a quarter of a million. She is going to have to pay him for daring to be hurt when he broke their marital contract. She’s gonna have to pay him because he cheated on him. Due to my mom’s really horrible lawyer, the case can’t be appealed anymore.

Today is a day that brings back anger and hatred that I thought were long gone from my life. I haven't spoken to the man in over a decade and even though I always figured one day we'd end up talking again, today just reminds me I never want to eveb think of him as the pure thought of the man brings feelings which are best left behind.

Please Father, help me overcome my anger. Help me to forgive as You've forgiven me. Help me to be filled with love so that I may have no room for hate.

In Christ's name I pray.

by Anonymous

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May God Bless You and your mom. Also I God to help you as only he can in Jesus Name. A man

HOPE 🌈 | on Aug 23, 2018

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