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❤ Heavenly Father please bless me with keeping Alexis and Lloyd together and please let him be patient with me because i can not lose him,god all I need is for him to be patient with me until I get everything I need to get situated so we can be together.
Father God he is all that I got besides you,and I love him so much to the point where words cannot express how much I love him,
♡I really hope and pray that he is not cheating on me ♡ and if he is then God show me the proof
Father God please bless me with us making love again

Father God please bless me with Lloyd picking up the phone and calling me so we can talk and not argue because I don't want to disappoint him and I don't want him to disappoint me and we belong together and I need my husband in my life.
Please make him realize the pain he is putting me threw is not right
And make him change his ways and make him tell me the Truth
About everything because I feel something is not right and I hope and I pray that I got it wrong and that he is being faithful to me and only me but he has the worst attitude and God I need you to make him realize that he really hurting me
I cannot of do this God, I cannot live without him but he is hurting me to the Core
Father God please make him pickup the phone and call me and apologize to me for saying all the hurtful things that he has said to me because I love him so so so so so so so so so much and I need them in my life
Heavenly father I begging
Please bless me with keeping him here in Charlotte and not to come up here doing pop ups
Im asking and begging you to please bless me with Lloyd not coming up here, trying to pop up on me especially on this Hoilday weekend. Please let him be more patient with me
UNTIL I get everything situated, please let him be patient with me, understanding me and loving me,God I can't lose him
Father God please be merciful towards me and answer this special prayer request in Jesus name amen


by Darrick

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