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😇my almighty,amazing and wonderful God, I am so grateful thankful and so blessed for everything that you has done for me and you still doing for me

this is a special serious prayer request concerning my car especially my car alternator, my car shocks,and my car tires
Father God please dont let nobody or nothing else try to flatten my car tires,and do not let any of my car tires go flat on me because I do not trust my brother he is the type he would flatten my tires out of my car being spiteful so please protect my car because that's one blessing I really need to keep running good Another Blessing is keeping my job and my job title
father God please continue to bless me with keeping my car running&working good,
♡Heavenly father please bless me with keeping tire rods staying on my car especially when I'm driving because I do not want to get into any kind of bad accidents that can cause me to lose my life or lose the life of my car so please continue to ride with me Father God and keep me safe from from all dangers and please I am begging you please bless me with not letting my car inner or outer tie rods coming off,especially when I'm driving father God please continue to bless me with keeping my car alternator, my car starter, my car battery,and my fuel pump working good ♡
Father God please protect me when I'm driving my car
Please keep me alert and bless me with not getting into any kind of car accidents when I'm driving especially when I'm at work and going back and forth to work so please ride with me, please keep me safe when I'm driving around running my earrings please do not let my car break down on me
Father God always keep me alert
Especially when I'm driving in my car
Father God please don't let me locked my keys inside of my car,
Because that would be devastating
So continue to bless me with keeping alert and aware on what I'm doing
especially when I'm going in and out of my car
please continue to bless me with my car running good and I'm trying to find a good mechanic who is really going to help me and not take advantage of me just because I'm gay and black
Father God please continue to bless me with keeping my car alternator,my car battery and my car starter working good and not to break down on me

Please don't let my car shock break off on me especially when I'm driving I'm doing what I need to do father God so please do not punish me,rebuke me, don't banish me from your presence and the most important thing I want father God it don't take your Holy Spirit Away From Me

Please have mercy on me and please don't take your Holy Spirit Away From Me,PLEASE DON'T TAKE MY CAR AWAY FROM ME ,
Father God please answer the special prayer request
In Jesus name amen .

by Darrick

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