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💔Father God I really want to tell you I am so grateful I am so thankful and I am very very blessed for everything that you have given me and bless me with in my life, please continue to bless me, to guide me, to love me,and to heal me, please do not take any of my blessings away from me.

(Heavenly father please dont punish me or rebuke this special prayer request just because I had phone sex and masturbated)

Today I come to you with this serious special prayer request,
This prayer request is concerning my whole heart and my broken soul,this pain is KILLING me inside it is so unbearable to handle,
Father God please bless me with Wayne calling me or texting me I hope and pray that he did not erase my number out of his phone
My heart is so heavy right now I just don't know what to do anymore, I'm in so much pain I heart feel so abandoned and my soul is empty,God please TAKE AWAY THIS PAIN AND PLEASE START HEALING MY BROKEN HEART AND REFILL MY EMPTY SOUL.
Father God all I want and all that I need is Wayne to give me a call or text because I have so much to get off my chest my heart and my soul I pray to you every day please be merciful towards me and bless me with him giving me a call or just even sending me a song from YouTube I really need to see him and talk to him because my heart is bleeding inside and I need answers to all of my questions
As each day passes all I can think about the way he walked away from me and from our love. Just the thought of him being with somebody else it's killing me because I supposed to be there supposed to be his life partner, his wife,and he told me and promised on his life that he will never ever leave me or leave my side.
And now he broke his promise to me and shattered my broken heart father God I really need you to make him give me a call I need to know the truth about everything and Just Like I said before the thought of him being with somebody else killing me inside I feel like he's not telling everybody the truth about what happened with us and that's why I want his conscious to bother him so bad to the point where he picks up the phone and call me and he can even send me another YouTube song I just need to hear something from him I just need him back into my life father God I have never ever wanted something so bad in my entire life please hear my call please answer this prayer please give my heart the closure and the answer and needs to move forward with my life I need you father God I need your help,Really do need you to answer this special prayer request, This pain that Wanye has cause me burn me RAW,and I need your healing
What really hurts me the most is the fact that he can't even pick up the phone and call me or even pick up the phone and talk to granddaddy
Also I cannot believe that he had the audacity and say I never had his back when we both know that's a lie I was going to always have his back cuz I can keep my word, and making up these lies
So he can make himself look good my putting everything on me just because he couldn't even be a man and tell me the truth,Father God this pain is so unbearable to handle it
Father God give the strength and the willpower not should go to his Facebook page and look at his pictures because when I do that it's another blow to my heart, my HEART really can't take anymore pain, and the thought of him being with somebody else it's killing me I feel so abandoned
I have been thinking about writing him a letter but I'm scared he won't get it or read it and that's why I need you to bless me with him calling me or trying to get in contact with me I need my closure
Please bless me with Wayne still having my phone number in his phone which He has but his actions telling me SOMETHING IS GOING ON
Father God please have mercy on me and please be merciful towards me and answer this special prayer request

by Darrick

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