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My heavenly father, I know it has been many years since I have spoken to you. There is no legitmint reason or excuse for not updating you on my life and not thanking you for all you have Done for me. I do want to say I am sorry. So much has happened since I last spoke to you but I know you have been watching. I have sinned so much along my life. I have hurt many peoples feelings and I have been selfish and at times inconciderate of others. I've pushed people away as well as you and for that I believe I am going through the ringer. I want to tell you how sorry I am for all that I have done and ask you if you would please forgive me for my trespasses. I can only imagin how much i as your child have shamed you by allowing this world to influance me. I can't place the blame on Noone but my own ignorance. I have heard you would never put more on one than they can bear and I believe that but I am so scared right now. Please father help me get through this trying time. Please, I pray that the others involved will find it in their hearts to be as forgiving as you and to stop with these alligations. To understand that I never mention for any of this to happen as it did and I am so happy that noone got hurt but now it is myself who is being looked At as if I am more than guilty because they are saying something totally different. Father, I know that what is going to happen, will happen and I was told not to stress but it seems like no matter how much I tell otherwise it looks bad on me. I should have stayed no matter what was said at the time and waited, I should have not been so naive. Now I am dealing with what I sowed. Father I'm asking you, with all that is in my heart, no matter what happens that you will help me get through this. Thank you for allowing me to talk to you once again, even if I don't deserve it. Amen.

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