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Heavenly father I come to you asking and begging you to please be merciful towards me and please forgive me for having phone sex please forgive me for looking and glancing at **** or even **** pictures ,and please forgive me for having pre cum, that should have nothing to do with anything please do not let that pre-cum cause me with losing all of my blessings
So please please forgive me for that father God please Hear My Cry for your forgiveness please please please do not punish me or take any of my blessings away from me please continue to bless me and protect me

Father God please don't punish me
Im asking and begging you
Please wash away all of my sins and my mistakes,just don't punish me or start having problems with my car just because I look at ****
When the only thing I'm doing is going through my old videos on my PHONE
Please do not rebuke me please wash all my sins away please do not punish me or take away all of my blessings especially my car and my job
please do not let me start having problems with my car just because I had phone sex or had pre cum doing phone sex, which was nothing so please have mercy on me and my soul
Father God please bless me with making it to work safe and please please take away that knocking noise from my car and do not let my car tire or my front end
suspension go out on me especially when I'm driving my car please father God I'm asking you and begging you please be. merciful towards me and some of my other special prayer request concerning my car shocks ,my car,and my forgiveness
In Jesus name amen

by Darrick

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