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Father, let not the sword pass from the house of those who oppressed our ancestors. Break the teeth of those who oppress us. Strengthen us not to be weak with fear. Recompense those who paid our forefathers with evil with evil. Those who hung children, those who killed and raped babies and fed babies to alligators. Break the back of those that constantly have their foot on our necks. Control our hearts to dillegently do your will without evil or resent in our hearts. Make your people into your perfect image. Father come and pick the wheat from the rates. Mighty master of disaster, Lord of spirits, Lord of hosts. Please, bend us to how you see fit father, we have been whores and we are ready to follow your will. Please father this oppression is too much to handle. Your people live in fear for their lives daily, hate for each other and love for the oppressor. Hate for our brothers and love for whores whom commit adultery. Men and women alike that don't take care of their children. I'm Yahushua's name I pray amen

by Anonymous

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