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my almighty, amazing,and wonderful God, the first thing I want to say is that I am so grateful, thankful,and blessed for everything that you have done for me, everything that you have giving me,and still doing for me
So please continue to bless me
And right now I need you more than ever before,
Father God I am requesting you to bless me with your powerful protection against all These PEOPLE in this house,especially My pathetic,lying, deceitful brother Travis along with my money hungry,drug attic, nasty,and evil mother.

My bother is BIGGEST LIAR
Oh my God he is always trying to say somebody is talking about him or saying somebody is taking he stuff from him,WHICH IS ALL A Complete lie this boy and his mother have push me to my breaking point,and I'm trying my
to stay calm and grounded
I feel like her and my sorry pathetic brother are pushing at me, and I can't take it no more, I need you to bless me and guide me with finding somewhere else to live cuz I can't take this no more

She praises the devil along with her son and I need you to rebuke them so they can leave me alone especially her.
I am asking you and begging you please do not let her call my phone trying to start up drama with me or trying to get into my business because you know how she do when she come off her drug and alcohol binges, please keep her out of my pockets keep her out of my money because she has no reason to say anything to me about what I'm doing with my money or what I'm planning to do with my money. That is none of her business at all so do not let her call me when I'm driving to work or when I'm at work not let her leave me any kind of messages on my telephone as well because she likes to leave nasty messages on people voicemail for some reason I guess it makes her feel like she has power or it make her feel like she's in control but father God you are the only person who is in control of me not her.
Father God please have mercy on me and please protect me and shield me FROM all of my money hungry mother con games,and lies.
****she would do it anything she can to try to get money out of people after she got finish what's in her money on drugs and alcohol now she is telling a me that somebody stole her bank card and took money out of her account which is hard for me to believe, she could be just saying this to me just to see if I'm going to give her some money or not, which I'm not
Because I don't believe anything that she says so if I don't offer her anything which I'm not and which I can't, do not let her come for me because you know what I'm talking about and you know what she likes to do to people when she can't get what she wants from them, father God don't make me her next victim and if she is telling the truth her bank should help her get her money back but in the meantime it's not going to be me, do not let her come at me with her nasty side comments

I am asking you and begging you to please not let her call my phone none this week asking me to buy her a pack of cigarettes asking me to pick her up something to eat or anything else because I'm done father God I cannot continue to do that no more specially for a woman who praises the devil and have no respect for other people I want you to Shield me with your powerful protection and armor so she will not steal my joy I am acting you and begging you to please not let her call my phone nun this week asking me to buy her pack of cigarettes, do not let her call my phone and asked me to pick her up something to eat or anything else because I'm done with her she praises and worships the devil and have no respect for other people I want you to shield me with your powerful protection and armor so she would not still my joy,my peace of mind and my holy spirit.
Father God please her nasty words,her nasty ways and her nasty comments away from me
Father God keep me to myself and make me invisible to the drama that is going on in this house because of my nasty,evil, DISRESPECTFUL,mother

And when it comes down to my pathetic lying ass brother Travis
I want him to get caught and all of the lies that he has spread on me I really want my father to catch him listening at my door& smoking weed in this house,
I want that evil mother of mine to fall out with him so she can see the REAL PETTY LIAR HE REALLY IS
I hate this boy with a passion and I hate being around him,
Everything that comes out of his mouth and his body is a lie
I'm a child of God and it's time for God to show him that he can not bother or get at me anymore
Sad part of it all he doesn't even take care of his kids, he is a thief, and lies about having jobs and it's time for you father God to show everybody the truth when it's dealing with him
Please keep my name out of his mouth because he lies on me all the time
Heavenly Father please be merciful towards me and continue to bless me with my car running and working good and keeping me safe when I'm driving
Please answer the special prayer request I'm asking you for your special and Powerful protection in Jesus name amen and thank you God

by Darrick

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