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I hate this place! Constant evil, everything going against your laws in your face! Taking advantage of your grace. Paul said "shall we continue in sin because grace abounds? God FORBID!" The word also says "that if you love me keep my commandments" so I do, I hold myself to a higher standard because of the pain that I was put through. Everyone wants to make an excuse so they can do the things they want to. No one is trustworthy these days, they are liars, fornicators, and whores! They lie about loving you, they love the things you can do for them, vain puffed up in knowledge and sincerely know nothing. They fornicate with other gods, they celebrate Christmas but won't even keep the sabbath. Claiming they know the bible but haven't even opened the book. They fornicate spiritually and physically look at our women running around like whores, dressing and acting like men,sleeping with every man they run across, they justify it by saying they aren't married, running around naked, having kids just to end up alone on welfare and no dad in the home. Look at our men! Kings that have fallen far from their throne, wearing women's clothes and bitch jeans, soft and feminine faggots it's actually sickening. None take care of their responsibilities they run around having sex but won't take care of their wives. If you go into a woman (sex) then that is considered your wife, you are responsible for her through good and bad but look how far away we are from the laws and statues you had. We as a people have no discernment or even common sense, sleeping around with men's wives, women ruling over them, most don't even know how to be a man. "My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge" I see it in every direction. My anger builds everyday in every way to live how we lived before in the bible, I'm tired of living in all this sin, it's time for a separation please bring us back close to you again we need judgement, rules and regulations so we won't be an unruly nation.Β  In Yashua's name I pray, amen.

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