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🕇I come to you in my special time of need, I really need you right now and for the rest of the week to bless me with your powerful protection against my drug attic,evil,nasty and money hungry mother,
Father God please do not let her be mad at me just because I didn't take her to the crack house so she could buy some drugs, and because I was going to take her do my other brother took her instead but in the process of her asking me
She gets an attitude and try to make it seem like I was judging her which I wasn't
every time when she starts doing drugs and drinking alcohol she tries to start up drama with them for no reason and she's always assuming people are judging her just cuz she drinking and doing drugs which I can care less. all I need you to do God is to protect me when she's off and on these drugs and alcohol binges,please do not let her attack me or start up drama with me, because I think she always trying to find ways and reasons to fall out with people especially when she get off of them drugs and alcohol binges.
Father God please do not let her start saying nasty remarks or nasty comments towards me just because I didn't take her to the crackhouse,
I always go out of my way for her and I need for her to realize that because I had no problem taking her to the crack house all I need it was a moment to get myself together that was it.
Father God I really need you to bless me with her not to ever ask me to take her to a crack house again because she has two cars out there and one of my drug addict brother's can take her where she needs to go
Father God please bless me with her not asking me to take her to the store just so she can buy some alcohol
Father God please bless me with her not asking to borrow money from me especially when she is on those drugs and alcohol binges and the same thing applies when she is coming off of her drug and alcohol binges.
Protect me from all of her money hungry ways,and con games
Please do not let her talk behind my back with my brother Travis because you know what they both like to do and I don't want to be a part of thier negative conversation
Heavenly Father what really bothers me the most is I don't care what people do with their lives but what I do care about is people come and get me for no reason trying to attack me all I want is to be left alone and away from all the drama and that's why I got to find me someone else to live because I can't take much more to this I don't trust nobody in his house and I just want to be left alone, I don't want nobody in this house to try to start up drama with me or try to attack me for no reason
Father God please watch over me and please protect me FROM these evil people who lives here in this house

So Heavenly father please be merciful towards me and answer this special prayer request
In Jesus name amen

by Darrick

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