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Heavenly Father I come to you in this special time of need, for the past couple of nights I have had to witness and here both of my parents arguing back and forth and it has to STOP
Please make my nasty evil mother stop fighting with my father because it makes no sense.
Do not let her attack him and disrespect him the way she do because father God is not right he take care of his household just like a real man should and he don't need nobody belittling him and talking about his manhood especially when they don't have there Womanhood together
Do not let my nasty evil mother get up and try to fight him or turn on the television while heis trying to get some sleep matter fact, father God put her to sleep I am asking you and I am begging you to please bless this house with peace of mind and rest especially for me and my father do not let her wake up in the morning and start acting nasty towards my brother Michael and his children because he's doing a good job being a father and them kids believe it or not they love being around her so she needs to become more humble and stop being so nasty and disrespectful and cruel to people especially her family
The only person who should really need to be nasty with is my brother Travis He is the devil's son the one who is a horrible father and a horrible brother.
So father God I am asking you and begging you to please bless this house with peace I need my rest tonight God and I definitely need my peace of mind please be merciful towards me and have mercy on my soul
in Jesus name amen

by Darrick

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