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Heavenly father I am so so mad and hurt all the way around,from those nasty ass people in that house to the man who suppose to love me forever,
I really need you to take away the pain,because I'm at my breaking point and I really need you to bless me and help me,
get off of the edge,
I can NOT believe that nasty,evil,ungrateful,mother of mine had the audacity and the nerve to call me with complaints after I gave her what she asked for for her birthday she had the nerve to tell me something about her son said something to her about buying dinner she should have never thrown that in my face
Like I give a ****!!! But the truth is she wanted money and that's the only reason why she coming in either way she coming at me she need to be honest and just say it but she likes to play games and I'm not with it no more God I need you to shoot me with your powerful protection your Shield especially when I'm around them evil people in that house I have never known nobody who is so hungry other people's money in my entire life I'm not Looking after her no more she's always trying to get in everybody else's pockets but her own.
She owes me an apology and that's what I want even if she give it to me I'm still not doing nothing
else for her
She asked me for Dollar Store perfume and that is what I gave her what she wanted
And now she want to come at me being disrespectful acting a fool especially in front of my deadbeat brother who I hate with a passion I would never forgive her for that and when I'm at home I'm asking you God keep her and him away from me I mean it I'm so hurt and I am so over it I need you to bless me and help me find somewhere to live on my own away from all of those people who's bringing me down and not lifting me up

by Darrick

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